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Marble Hornets Karaoke



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Marble Hornets Karaoke

Because Marble Hornets themed covers of popular songs are hilarious.

"There must be some way out of here,"
Said the Masky to the Hood'.
"There's too much Slender Men
I can't get no relief."

"The Director he fucks with us
Leads us all astray
I'll kill him along the line
For what he did to me that day."

"There's reason to be excited,"
Thus Hoody kindly spoke.
"There are many here among us
Who want Kralie by the throat."

"But you and I, we've been through hell,
and his is not our fate.
So let us go out through the night
and kill the object of our hate."

All along the Red Tower
Masked Men wait for you
And silly Jay he came and went
Hapless Jessica too

Somewhere in the distance
Alex's stomach growls
The Operator was a'stalking
The wind began to howl.


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Re: Marble Hornets Karaoke

I love you.
All I can remember after I closed my eyes, was that first, it got real loud; then, it got real hot; then it got real slimy; then it got quiet; then it got.... unspeakable. And when I opened my eyes, the pool was empty, and three days had passed.

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