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Xicon Presents: The Sims 3 - Rhapsody In What The FUCK?



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Xicon Presents: The Sims 3 - Rhapsody In What The FUCK?

For those of you just joining us...

It all began with a man. A simple man named Jack Wayne whose father was of considerable wealth, but denied any of it to his son. Vowing to make his own way in the world as a science man or maybe a writer or even a guitarist or some other ambitious trite aspiration, Jack set out and bought a shitty home and began hacking away at it. One day, the loving deity who watched over Jack was bored stiff by the bizarre rules put in place by the deities who govern deities, and decided to break them. He killed Jack's father and Jack experienced a sudden windfall of a ludicrous amount of cash.

Now wealthy, Jack lost all desire to work, and began a new career as a bachelor. He bought a slick pad out on the beach and began sticking his dick in everything that moved - even high schoolers, to the chagrin of the law. He lived his life by one rule: say and do anything to get his dick wet. And boy did he!

In an effort to get his dick inside a girl named Alex, Jack began a budding romance that actually blossomed into a marriage, as neither Jack nor Alex wanted to admit that they were both in it for the sweet sweet fuckin. Both had reputations for infidelity and commitment issues, so the entire town was shocked when they tied the knot, and a month later, discovered Alex was pregnant.

A while later, young Ellie Wayne was brought into the world and suddenly, miraculously, became a teenager. Shortly thereafter she was joined by her brother, Damian Wayne, who also suddenly became a teenager. The deity watching over them has no time for the antics of children.

This is our family: cheating spouses Jack and Alex Wayne, and their children, Ellie and Damian.

These are the days of our lives. This... is Rhapsody in WHAT THE FUCK?

OOC Info
So my Sims 3 antics amuse the hell out of me, so I've decided to spin it into a silly story in forum posts and images. I am playing by a couple of basic principles:
1. Let the Sims be as autonomous as possible.
For the most part I don't actually control any of the Sims. I just spectate, and occasionally give them a nudge in an interesting direction. I have a few mods installed to allow for a lot of weird directions, so hopefully this proves to be interesting even without my intervention.
2. Cheat only in cases of convenience.
I don't cheat to achieve certain story outcomes; I'll use the game's cheats to make something faster or achieve a certain goal so I can progress the story, but I'll never cheat to influence the story itself.

Other than that, I'm just letting this thing go. It's currently set to epic timespan, so the Sims won't age up particularly quickly. If any babies happen, I will be aging them up to teenagers immediately rather than dealing with the boring childhood phases. Don't psychoanalyse that, it's not even worth it.


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Re: Xicon Presents: The Sims 3 - Rhapsody In What The FUCK?

The Sims as a daytime soap opera.

I approve greatly of this
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