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The Punk and the Rockfather

It was a fairly average day (or whatever they call a day) in the cosmos, and Rory the Almighty had just begun his travels. Today he was in a rather jubilant mood because recently he had been invited to an interstellar game of bingo, which was one of his favorite activities. On his way to the gathering he passed the multitude of planets and neighboring galaxies. He floated by the Sun, who shot him a disinterested look. When he passed the Moon; he waved at her, but she was too preoccupied with watering her galactic lilies to notice him. It was the first time in a long time that Rory wasn’t radiating unpleasantness. Rory was a rather depressing person to be around. It wasn’t that he was always depressed or in a foul mood, it was the way he treated others. Rory was naturally cruel. It was not an uncommon sight to stumble upon Rory making sentient life forms from his body and blood, only for the pure purpose of wanting to inflict pain on them. But some of the other gods had been making plans on what to do to stop Rory, for they were tired of his antics. The plan was simple; the idea was to corner him and kill him in the most convenient way possible. Rory knew the other gods hated his guts and it was all a matter of time before they revolted against him. But Rory was not expecting his precious nephew, Rachmiel, to be at the head of these schemes. Rory would be horrified when he found out that Rachmiel, the god of psychedelic space rock, would be the one to end his life….

It wasn’t long before Rory came to a halt. From a distance he could see a line of space- chairs around a space- table, and a number of large beings hovering about the scene talking to each other.
“GREETINGS, COMRADES!” boomed Rory’s voice throughout the cosmos.
All four of the beings jumped at the sound of his voice. “Oh! It’s you, Rory.” said the smallest of them. This was Clyde; a plump little fellow who was the god of time. Rory had a habit of bullying him.
“Hey Clyde, what’s up with you? You’re looking slim, Jim. Hey Claire, how’s the kids?”
“How about we quit the formalities and start the game? You can sit here Rory.” said Claire the goddess of beauty, as she pulled out a chair for Rory. Rory eagerly took his seat along with Clyde, the beautiful Claire, and a goddess named Doris who was the patron of forethought. Roger, the god of harmony, was the last god to take a seat; he sat down at the head of the table, his long brown locks floated about his head like a crown. Everyone sat in silence for a long time. Finally Rory couldn’t stand it any longer and asked “Are we gonna start anytime soon?”
“Patience is everything, Rory.” exclaimed Doris.
“Shut up, Doris” said all of the gods in unison
“I don’t understand why we haven’t started the game. We have all of the stuff.” Rory said pointing at the assortment of bingo cards, chips, and the bingo cage filled with balls in front of Roger.
“We’re waiting for your nephew, Rachmiel,” Roger explained, “he’ll be here any minute now.”
This struck Rory as extremely odd. Rachmiel was not a fan of bingo. His face darkened at what the situation might turn into.
“Really now, well it just so happens that Rachmiel hates bingo. I knew this was a trap!”
“GET HIM!” shouted Roger.
There was a flash and a loud bang as Rory stretched out his hands. The gods and the bingo equipment were blown back with so much force it nearly left Rory in a daze. With the other gods hurtling away from the site inconstant motion, Rory brought his hands together to conjure a ball of powerful space-magic. He did not hesitate to launch the ball towards Roger, but something caught him off his guard. A commanding voice piped up behind him. It was his nephew’s voice.
“UNCLE, STOP!” Rachmiel cried as he soared into action. He was clad in a multitude of colors that shifted and blended with each other. Rory attempted to focus on one color, but he soon realized his efforts were futile. If he continued to stare at the waving iridescence his eyes might fry.
“Have you been collaborating with these, fools?” Rory asked angrily
The tall and muscular Rachmiel silently drew an object from behind his back. It was a massive string instrument made out of a dying star; its ethereal surface was an influx of colors, and its long neck seemed to stretch far out into the darkest voids of space.
Rachmiel stood there for one solid moment before raising his right hand. Grasped between his fingers was a pick crafted from the dust of the planet Mara. His head lowered in shame at the acknowledgement of what he was about to do. He had never spilled blood before, and killing a family member was not the best way to start. After this was over, he vowed never to kill again. Images of the time he spent space-fishing with Rory flickered in his mind, was he truly ready for this? He gave a quick nod of his head, his decision was firm.
Rory’s words were cut short as Rachmiel’s pick slashed at the body of his instrument. A heart pounding screech echoed across the galaxy and pierced Rory’s ears. A wave of sound shot towards Rory that sent him flying. Before Rory could recover; Rachmiel’s dexterous fingers dashed up and down the fret board of his instrument and picked at the strings towards the base, making a fluctuation of pitches and sounds. No act of sheer awesomeness had ever been committed before. And as he continued to play the instrument, an infraction in space and time was created. The crystalline essences of space-reality were distorted right before Rory’s eyes. This all happened in a matter of minutes and it was not long before Rory’s sorry existence crumbled into nothingness…
When the echoes of music dissipated, harmony was restored, but not for long. The silence was cut short by a CRACK as Rachmiel’s holy guitar exploded into a massive supernova. The energy expelled in all directions engulfing the particles of Rory’s dead body. The result was beautiful. For when the blinding light cleared a planet was born, our planet, Earth. Rory’s many blood cells formed the sea while his skin formed the land. His dying breath formed the atmosphere of our planets and the remaining cells would eventually reform into something better than what Rory could ever be. They formed man and women. These beings would be taught right from wrong, by the just rulers of the universe. These men and women are our descendants and witnessed our gods and goddesses first hand. Rachmiel taught them to play music, which was the basis of our life. Roger created harmony so that man and nature could coexist. Doris installed wisdom and intelligence in the mind of humanity. Humans were better in every shape and form than Rory. Gods from all around the cosmos came to witness the aftermath of the battle. Many were astounded of the result and all of them praised Rachmiel. But there was one who was not happy with what happened. Her name was Suzie the goddess of pain and suffering. She was Rory’s girlfriend; who decided to cast a curse on mankind, a curse that would cause sickness and death. With her anger came tears of sadness. Periodically, those tears rain down on earth. And as a reminder for humanity that hope exists; Rachmiel sometimes posts his colors in the sky in the shape of an arch.