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FanFictionFrightmare: The Spirited Away "Fic"



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FanFictionFrightmare: The Spirited Away "Fic"

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is. I have found the fic, after searching for a while, that defeated Rob on ToplessRobot, the man behind my inspiration to do these Frightmares. What you are about to read isn’t funny. Nothing is funny anymore. Children being hit with balls on the schoolyard, kittens flailing over something, the Republican party. Nothing. Nothing on this earth holds any humor for me now. There is a very significant chance this will be my final FanFictionFrightmare. Now then, I present, for your viewing non-pleasure…
Spirited Away, “Alternate Version of The Encounter With No-Face”

Chihiro, no, Sen was sent by Yubaba to calm No-Face down, or better yet,
somehow get rid of him. She could faintly hear one of Yubaba’s servents outside
saying, “Will Sen be alright in there, madame?” Yubaba snickered and bluntly said,
“You want to take her place?”

Yes, I want you to take her place, this shouldn’t happen to anyone, except a douchebag Frogman
Sen gulped at the sight of No-Face. He was twice the size he was when she first met him,
and now he had a huge bulging stomach that was see-through, and all the food he ate was
in clear view. Sen was much smaller than he, being a 10 year old girl. She asked him, “Yubaba
wants you to leave the bathhouse, she doesn’t want you to stay here anymore. Where’s your
family? Don’t you have friends you could stay with?” No-Face just turned around, saying, “I’m
lonely..... lonely... I want Sen... I want Sen... I want Sen!!! Sen is the only one who cares!!! And I will not let Sen go away again!!! I love Sen!!!”

Sen. Run. Run very far away. Spirit yourself away from this godforsaken hellhole.

The monster stumbled over to the girl and grabbed her pigtail, bringing her face over to his throbbing cock which stuck right out. Sen was filled with fear and shock, but didn’t have much time to react. His penis was brought onto the girl’s small lips, and No-Face ordered "Open
your mouth, Sen.You gotta open it as wide as you can!" Sen shakily complied, though her 6 year old mouth was no match for the giant erection that No-Face fed to her.

Um, Sen’s 10. Not 6… Oh god, picturing her as six is making this worse.
It was a large black phallis that could be seen through, which was really weird. The head of his black penis just barely fit through the tight "O" of the 5th grader's lips. "Oh, Sen.. I love your
mouth on my hard cock, little girl. You're a really beautiful little girl, you know that, honey? You look great with my prick in your face, baby! I'm gonna push now. Gonna.. UH.. push it.. UH.. in your mouth.. UH.. come on, Sen."

No-Face was starting to pump his penis into the child's mouth, using his wieght to try and force his oversized prick into Sen's immature, and much-too-small throat. Her cheeks bulged outward as No-Face shoved down because the head of his erection was pressing against the entrance to her throat, and expanding sideways under the weight to bloat her cheeks. "Oh.. UH.. That feels great! UH.. Now, look, I know you can take it, so I'm gonna push real hard now.. Just open your throat! UUUUUHHHHHHHYYEEEAAAAHHHH!"

Sen began to struggle under the large monster. Her legs began to kick in an uncoordinated fashion as she struggled for breath. Her chest spasmed with panic as No-Face's cock made its way down. All the eyes peering from outside through the door cracks were on the fat beast and the tiny slip of a girl whose throat was being raped. No-Face was out of control, his passion
overriding the good sense that should have told him the 5th grader was too small if not too young.

The sensation of tightness around his erection that came and went as Sen gagged was milking him to a powerful climax. "AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH"
No-Face screamed like a bull as his penis pulsed once, twice, and then started to shoot its heavy load of semen into the small girl. There was no question of Sen swallowing his spurts of white jizm. His massive cock filled her throat and there was no place for it to go but down.

You are what’s wrong with the world. You are the reason why this Ghibli masterpiece is now the embodiment of my nightmares. YOU ARE. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY
The bathworkers outside watched Sen's throat, and could actually see it pulsing as the cock
expanded and contracted within it, pumping load after load of gooey cream into the abused little girl.

Die. All of you dead. Die and be throatfucked by Satan in hell. Death to you.

Sen felt terrible, the taste of No-Face’s super-salty cum was absolutely horried to her. His hips, after the first few spurts, began to buck up and down in an uncontrollable and unconscious fucking motion, loving the feel the ten-year old’s mouth had on his fat cock.. Sen's throat was too tightly impaled to release the thing's penis easily, and so her head bucked up and down with his hips, the back of her head striking the matted floor repeatedly and her long chestnut-colored hair slowly spreading out around her angelic, penis impaled face.

Azog Unfortunately Discovered Band Name #666: Angelic Penis Impaled Face

Finally, No-Face was finished, and retracted his huge cock from the poor girl’s mouth.

Kay, fic can end now. Yup. Done forever.
Sen gagged, sending strings of left-over cum from her mouth. The fifth grader grabbed her throat, gasping for air. She had though that it was over, but she was dead wrong. No-Face noticed that the girl looked quite uncomfortable, and asked, “What’s wrong, Sen? Didn’t you love what I just did?”

She can no longer love anything ever again.
Sen was a both angry and frightened, and said, “What’s the matter with you?!?! I didn;t like it at all! That was gross and yucky; why did you do that to me; I thought you liked me!” No-Face grinned, revealing his giganticly wide mouth, “But I DO like you... I love you, Sen.... And I love what you just did to me... it felt very very nice... Would Sen like to do it again? Maybe this will help you feel even better...” Sen gasped as No-Face easily removed her green striped shirt, leaving her blushing due to her nakedness.

Why is this still happening? Is it a dream? Will Sen wake up and be carried off to the MCR concert in Hogsmede by her boyfriend Drako?

No-Face had straddled the 5th graders flat chest, and shoved his large cock into her unwilling mouth. He held the back of her head with one hand and pulled her face rapidly on and off his cock, shoving it deep into the little girls mouth with each stroke. His large thigh muscles pinned Sen's small arms to her sides and his bulbous ass rubbed back and forth across her flat nipples as he rocked his hips in time to the pulls on young Sen's head.

Nothing in this world will remove the image of a shirtless Chihiro having No-Face’s cock forced into her mouth while his BULBOUS ASS rubs on her nipples.
“Do you like it Sen? I like it... I like it very much... your mouth feels so hot, so nice and slick on my cock...” No-Face asked. Sen tried to respond and state her discomfort, but barely made just a muffle since her mouth was stuffed full of the monster’s enormous black cock. No-Face moaned loudly, “Ohhhh, Sen... that feels so good.... suck my cock, darling.... suck it and lick it good....” Sen, too scared to defy this giant beast, complied to his demands. She worked her slick tongue around his large shaft, licking it back and forth, up and down, teasing it as hard as she could. The girl even began to suck in the monster cock as well, desperately trying to get him off so it could end.

No-Face looked down at the poor girl and noticed how cute she looked. The giant monster retracted his large tongue from his mouth and began to lick the girl(whose mouth was full of his large cock) on her cute little face. Sen thought she would never forget something like this, to her dismay, she might as well’ve been scarred for life. Sen wanted to quicken this, and tried to plead for him to stop, but she just let out a “MMMFFFHH!!!”.

It definitely scarred me for life. I am now incapable of watching Ghibli movies for the next seven decades.
Just then, No-Face’s large balls began to shake violently. Sen knew that this couldn’t be any good, and could see the gallons of cum stored within his balls were churning and shaking up

She can SEE the cum CHURNING in his balls. Picture that. Think long and hard at the imagery there. A 10 year-old girl is being mouth raped by a see-through monster, and is perfectly capable of seeing the cum churn and shake around in his, no doubt bulbous, balls. PICTURE IT FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE.
And then the cum began to shoot down No-Face’s cock, on its way to the poor girl’s mouth. Sen’s eyes widened as she felt the salty sperm firing off inside of her mouth. There was so much that she was forced to swallow it all! No-Face groaned, “Unghhh.... take it, take it all, Sen!!!” Sen had a hard time swallowing it all, it filled her so much that alot of the cum dribbled and seeped out of her mouth

The bathhouse foreman gasped, “That human sure can take alot of that monster’s stuff!” Yubaba snickered, “Yes, I’m surprised she hasn’t given up. She has some guts, I’ll give her that. But let’s see if that lasts after he finishes up with her.”

No. Fuck you. You aren’t allowed to make jokes in this. That’s my job.
That being said. Sen doesn’t have a lot of guts if the monster’s CUM IS SEEPING OUT OF HER MOUTH /vomit
No-Face's fucking of 10 year old Sen's mouth was becoming even more erratic. He was just on the verge of cumming AGAIN and his hips bucked of their own accord, driving his large erection deeper and deeper into the little girl’s mouth. Sen was doing her best to stimulate the large penis that filled her mouth, but the speed of No-Face's fucking made it difficult, and she
eventually gave up, finding it enough of a challenge just to breath under the onslaught. "OH.... AHHHHhhhh SEN! HERE IT CUMMMS AGAIN!!!", and suddenly, his cock swelled again, punishing Sen's jaws to open enough to take him. His newest load of hot semen exploded into her mouth, almost drowning her with his hot spicy cream. Sen swallowed his cum, but
before she could finish, another shot of jizm poored into her mouth. There wasn't enough room for it, and so it seeped out around her lips, and began to dribble down, falling off her chin and coating her soft chest.

No-Face then took out his cock from the girl’s mouth. Sen choked a bit, and was too scared and shocked to say anything.

No-Face then removed the last piece of clothes Sen wore, her pink shorts. The monster also removed her shoes, leaving her in her socks and her panties. Sen managed to say, “No! Please, don’t take those o---... ohhh.... nughhh.... what’s.... h-happening....” No-Face had stripped her of her panties, and stuck one of his large fingers inside of her tight cunny. The sensations caused Sen to sweat and shake uncontrollably.

The use of the word “cunny” has caused me to experience an acid flashback of John Travolta taking a piss on me while wearing a horsehead mask
"Yes, honey. Keep those legs spread for me. I'm gonna fuck you so deep, honey. Just you wait." But Sen didn't have to wait long. She soon felt his finger replaced by his much larger cock, which he slowly pushed up into the 10 year old, spreading her hairless lips with his
invading member. Sen cried out, “No no nooo!!! Don’t put that in me, please, No-Face!!! You’ve got to listen to me, I don’t want to do t---.... nughhh!!!!” Her clit protruded from the top of her bald slit, and the lips of her cunt were stretched thin and tight around him.


"NUGGHHHH", grunted Sen as No-Face rammed his large cock home into her pre-teen, bald cunny. His hands held her small, bony hips firmly as his cock pistoned in an out of her roughly used little cunt.

Azog Terrible Album name #253: Roughly used little cunt
Sen’s head was being jerked back and forth by No-Face's thrusts into her tight cunt. He rocked his hips back and forth, sawing in and out of the 10 year old snatch.

No-Face, this isn’t a magic trick, don’t saw her in half WITH YOUR DICK
His cock glistened with pre-teen lubrication as inch after swollen inch disappeared into the tiny 5th grade girl. Sen thought, with a flushed face, “Why are you doing t-this to me....?”
Her own cunt was reacting to No-Face's violent thrusts. The monster drooled over Sen’s chest, coating her nipples with his slime, groaning, “Ohhh.... Sen!!! It feels so good inside of you! You’re so tight, its driving my cock crazy...” Though Sen was a little sore, the large
erection plunging into her tight canal was starting to overcome the soreness and build to a new orgasmic sensation.

You, know, I’ve been thinking of a couple words from another FFF
Anyone watching the 10 year old would have thought she was a total slut as she started to use her hands on the mat to press herself backward onto No-Face's hard thrusts.

I can’t
She could hear the sound of his flesh slapping against hers and small "uh"'s escaped from her mouth each time his penis pushed it's way up into her small body, hitting and then stretching aside the entrance to her womb. 'Oh, God. I'm going to cum! T-This.... what I heard from the girls at school... is this what it feels like to have sex?", she thought, and couldn't believe that her body would respond this way, when she was a virgin just a moment before.

Her school girl body, though slender and undeveloped, seemed to be built for sex, and she actually loved the feeling of a large cock being shoved into her hairless and tight 10 year old cunt.

I need bourbon. And whiskey. Absinthe. Vodka. I need SOMETHING to make this pain stop. I know! A bullet to the head! That should do the trick.
No-Face was about to unload his pent up cum into Sen’s tight, warm depths. He still held her legs pinned back with both hands, and her small feet thrashed back and forth as his weight shifted, moving his cock rapidly in and out of Sen's hairless sex hole. Sen heard about this from somewhere, that if a guy shot his cum inside of a girl, she would get pregnant. Sen definetly didn’t want to give birth to weird little No-Face/human children!


Sen tried her best to squirm and wiggle free from the beast, but it didn’t help, as it just excited him even more! The small girl’s tightness was too pleasurable, and felt so wet and slick, her walls clenched and sucked No-Face’s cock involuntarily. But all at once, the monster stopped moving, his penis completely embedded in the 10 year old girl. His butt clenched and trembled, and the cords of his neck stood out. Then he yelled, "OHHHH MOTHERFUCK. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK. AAAAHAHHHH..."

Why am I laughing? Is it the image of No-Face’s butt clenching? Is it the face that I have finally gone completely insane? Or is it the fact that, despite anything I say or do, NOTHING will erase this image from my brain until I eventually die of alcohol poisoning.
He was completely incoherent as his balls pumped spurt after spurt of cum deep into the fully impaled 5th grader. His ass clenched and unclenched as he filled the little girl with his hot seed, flooding her insides to capacity with cum. Sen’s poor womb was relentlessly assaulted with the thing’s monster seed, causing the girl to blush even more, and she cried a bit. Her immature body couldn't hold his fold and it seeped from her stretched cunt and dribble down to coat her small puckering rectum. Had she gotten pregnant? It didn’t matter to No-Face, as all he wanted was to get pleasure from the girl.

This is truly the most accurate description of rape, and that terrifies me the most

No-Face then retracted his cock from the poor girl’s battered cunt. She thought it was over, but No-Face seemed to want one last thing; to fuck her ass!

Of FUCKING course
Sen was too scared again to resist, so she went along somewhat. "oooOOOOWWWWWWWW, oooohhh Slower, Please... OOWW.. Please don't push it in my bottom so HARD OOOWWW!... Okay...... Okay.... Uh.. Okay... Okay, you can put it my bottom now.." Little Sen was bent over, her brown hair hanging down into her face, grimacing as her small round bottom was spread, and a large cock pressed against the tiny hole thus exposed.

The cock would bend under the pressure of trying to penetrate the pre-teen's small ass, but eventually, the large round head would slip past Sen's
shpincter muscles, and inch after large round inch would be pressed into the 5th grader's small hole. No-Face laughed and said, “Come on, Sen! You need to sound like you’re having fun here! Now beg me to hump your tight ass now, please!” Sen relunctantly said, "Please fuck my bottom. I love having your large dick in me!" But that was exactly what had occured, and No-Face was determined to fuck the little girl's ass until she couldn't walk right.

The foreman gulped, even though this whole ordeal turned him on, he still was nervous at what was coming, and asked Yubaba, “Madame, should we stop this?” Yubaba laughed, “We will, after the show’s over that is! This is starting to get good.... and besides. Sen needs to pay for bringing this guy into the bathhouse.... heh heh heh heh...”

Yes. End. That is the perfect word. End. Not for this fic, but for you. I will end you. I will burn down your House and Home in such a triumphant way that the Lannisters will fear me. They may always pay their debts, but I always collect on mine.

That’s it folks. That’s the end of The Fic. I refuse to acknowledge it’s title, for the sake of my sanity and those who dare to read it. I cannot honestly say if I will do another FanFictionFrightmare. I am honestly sickened to the point of crying, and I can’t say how long until I’m recovered…
Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll have another one up sooner or later.
All I can remember after I closed my eyes, was that first, it got real loud; then, it got real hot; then it got real slimy; then it got quiet; then it got.... unspeakable. And when I opened my eyes, the pool was empty, and three days had passed.



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Re: FanFictionFrightmare: The Spirited Away "Fic"

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is. I have found the fic, after searching for a while, that defeated Rob on ToplessRobot, the man behind my inspiration to do these Frightmares.

*YOU* found the fic?

Bullshit. *I* found the fic, six days before you posted this, and you rode my coattails.

See the comments at the top of the thread.
http: slash slash www dot toplessrobot dot com slash 2011 slash 10 slash um_fan_fiction_friday_just_defeated_me.php

It's quite ironic that a fanfic which was so entirely a ripoff of an older story, should inspire you to try to rip me off and claim you did research that you didn't do at all.

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