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The Western Weldon 18

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've posted anything in here, but since I'm more or less dedicated to providing high-quality content, I decided to post these here for your consideration. This post is going to be a bit long winded, so bear with me.

I live in Canada, and the other day news broke nationwide about a set of letters that have been quickly accumulating in the Weldon Library at Western University, in London, Ontario. At first you might not think anything of it, dismiss it as a prank, trolling, or what-have-you. In reality, these letters were found stuffed into envelopes and lefts in-between the pages of books. The majority of them were found in the Poli-Sci section of the library, and most were found between pages 16-17 of these books.

The person who brings this to our attention is a professor at the university, and he has provided it to crytologists, code breakers and the like trying to figure it out, but so far to no avail. I know some professional code breakers, and in my experience most of them aren't nearly as skilled as some of my old unfictioners. Lets take a look and try to figure this out, guys! There's a reward in it if we manage to do it.

I'm going to copy and paste some information from the blog where it was originally posted. If you wanted to take a look at the full text, it's available at And I'll be including the link to the imgur post so that I don't have to upload all 18 notes onto this thread.

What We Know and What We Don't About the 16 Weldon Notes

- There have been 16 notes that have been discovered and documented, all of which were found at Western's Weldon library. There have been anecdotes of other notes found, including ones at other Western libraries other than Weldon.
- Every note came in an envelope with an object in it, either a jewel, feather, or leaf.
- All of the objects contain some kind of marking, typically two paint stripes or splotches.
- The earliest note is from January 2013 (15 months ago), but anecdotally we have heard of notes being discovered over 2 years ago.
- The notes are all computer printed (appears to be a colour laser). The font is almost certainly custom. It does not match any Dingbat or Wingding-esque font that is publicly available (and people have spent a lot of time looking).
- The back of all of the notes contains a reference to
- There are roughly 50 different symbols on the notes, so a pure symbol-letter substitution appears unlikely if the notes are meant to be read in English. Of course, they could be some other langauge - Japanese is brought up frequently. In fact, the patterns do not look like natural language. If they mean anything, they may be references to other book codes, indication of bookshelf positions, etc.
- There are large sections of repeating patterns between notes, with some notes looking very similar (though not necessarily identical).
- All of the notes have some symbols in colour - the notes that contain blue jewels have the jewel symbols printed in blue. Interesting on some notes not all the symbols are printed in colour - occasionally in a blue jewel note there will be a jewel symbol that's in black. That could mean something.
- Of the 12 notes we have a shelf position for, all 12 were found roughly 5 feet off of the ground.
- Of the 11 notes we have page positions for, 10 of the 11 notes were stuck between pages 16-17 of their book (the other one being between pages 68-69).
- We have exact book titles and shelf codes for 2 of the 16 notes, but I should be receiving 11 more shortly.
- All of the notes contain a picture (pillow, vase, drinking glass, table, empty box, picture frame/mirror). All of those pictures are one of the first things you find if you do a Google image search for that item, so it's quite possible that's where the images come from.

Now, I warn you... most of the photos are of a decent enough quality to be able to discern the symbols, but the most recent letters are a little more difficult to see. We're trying to get better copies of them right now.

Here's the imgur link

What do you guys think?
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