Post Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:45 pm

Daemonic Game Workshop

Since I've acquired RPG Maker VX Ace (Trial version here - Cracked version here), I figured it was time for me to start learning how to make games. And what could be a better start than making 16bit RPG games? Well, anything but that's beside the point. If I'm going into any Game Designing, I might as well start learning now. So until I can run bigger engines like the Unity Engine or other Indie-based game engines, consider this a thread full of bit RPG games.

List of finished/planned games underneath the Spoiler.

[Games Planned]
    * Interplosion RPG (0% Completed)

[Demos Planned]
    * Nothing yet!

[Games Completed]
    * Nothing yet!

[Demos Completed]
    * IP: The RPG Experience Demo (DL Link)

Suggestions and Comments
Note: This does not mean to suggest a game for me to build. It might seem empty now, but I'm not taking game requests currently, considering how much work was put into the Demo, which even then wasn't the best. So until I can get more free time and be able to get a schedule in, I'm just holding off on the requests.

If any of you have suggestions as to what you want to see in the game (Ex. a class), put it below. I might not include everything, however, so don't hold that against me.

Constructive criticisms and comments are always appreciated. If you like the game, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why. But always be encouraging. I will always keep getting better and better with this so don't expect a masterpiece the first time.

If there are any problems with the downloads, leave me a PM. I'll take a look and see what I can do.