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Optimum Batman Theorem

Grant Morrison: The best way to do Batman that’s never been done is to accept every single era as one guy’s biography. So I thought you know the feeble young Batman from 1938 with guns in his hand and he’s fighting vampires and crooks, I thought ‘Well imagine that’s Batman at… 20.’ And then he meets this kid, when he’s, like, 21. And the kid’s this super – you know, little working class circus kid who’s totally cocky. And this introverted, young, Norman Bates Batman is suddenly like ‘Well, wait a minute, this is the kid that died in me…’ you know, and ‘this is everything I wanted to be.’ And the two become friends, and it’s not creepy it’s not weird it’s just like my best friend, he’s my brother, and he’s – he’s everything I wish I could be, and the kid’s looking at him like ‘He’s everything I wish I could be…’

Kevin Smith: You’re gonna make me cry…

GM: You know and suddenly I’m looking at this and imagine that’s his history… and, he’s 23, and the kid’s like… 13, and they’re up in the dense thick of it now, it’s the best era of Batman, they’re solving the crimes, and even the Joker’s stopped killing people, he’s just having fun…

KS: There’s that beautiful scene in that one issue where it’s like the Joker and Robin had a laughing contest –

GM: Yeah and Robin outlaughs him!

KS: *laughs*

GM: And then you can see he’s 24, and it’s getting into the 60s now, and it’s starting to get a bit synthetic… Batman’s feeling the kid’s getting a bit older, Batman’s getting a bit sick of this, he’s remembering when he was a young up and commando, and that’s what it was all about, not all these Quizmaster bullshit TV…

KS: Costumed villains, pop villains they call them.

GM: Yeah, yeah and then he’s – then it’s suddenly Adam West and Burt Ward for a few months and it’s just really synthetic and fucked up because they’ve been on so many mind-altering chemicals from the Scarecrow and the Joker, they don’t know what the fuck’s happenin when they punch people, they’re seeing graphics in the air, and I thought just imagine it, it’s all real. Then he’s 25 and Robin grown up and he’s going to college and suddenly Batman’s a bachelor, and that ties in to the Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams stuff in the 70s where they move to the penthouse and suddenly he’s fucking Talia, and he’s got hairs on his chest, and I’m thinking ‘YEAH BATMAN’S GROWING UP, I GOT RID OF THE KID, NOW I’M DOING IT’ and you know? And I just saw it every – and it fitted beautifully, as the personality of this insane billionaire, unique, human, and that’s when I just got so into him and I’m like imagine you’ve just gone through this… you fucked the Devil’s Daughter… and then suddenly you get a new Robin because you’re thinking ‘I’m getting a bit weird. Let’s get a boy in here, it’s time,’ and then you get Jason Todd and it all goes wrong and your heart’s broken, and then everything goes wrong, and it’s No Man’s Land, and the earthquake, and everybody’s dying, and after I got to that, I’m like ‘I want to start with that guy,’ and how he comes out of it, he does the Thogal ritual, and he comes out of it the pure Batman, and that’s where I started it, with Batman at the peak, you know the Optimum Batman, you know he’s just ‘All of this is me,’ you know, the camp, everything. ‘Once I was funny. Once I was sexy. Once I was weird, now I’m this, I’m all of ‘em.’

(Transcript from Fatman on Batman. Audio and accompanying relevant images in this video.)