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The Interplosion Singularity MetaCrisis


He opened his eyes slowly, staring blearily at the sky. There was a ringing in his ears, persistent and deep, causing his vision to have to catch up as he turned his head to take in his surroundings. He tried to figure out where on Earth he could be with this much rubble and dirt, most of it being washed away by the rain currently pounding down. Finally grasping the concept of standing, he staggered slightly as he took in more of where he was. Green eyes scanning half-heartedly, he regained more of his clarity.

The clearing - which he came to realize was actually a crater - was large, even by conventional standards. At the rim, where he had awoke, it looked to span close to half a mile wide, and gave off the appearance of being around two hundred feet deep at its widest point. Large pieces of earth and wood jutted out of the increasingly larger pool of mud accumulating at the epicenter of the crater. The man finally was able to stand up straight when he saw a hand floating in the water not too far from where he currently was. Not really thinking about his own safety, the man slid down to the edge of the water, before wading over to where he spotted the hand. Reaching out to grasp it, he was about to give it a firm pull before a grim realization struck him.

The hand wasn’t attached to an arm.

Dropping it with a disgusted sound, the man stumbled backwards before scrambling about halfway up the crater’s wall, the task made difficult by the rain. His breath was panicked as he tried to figure out why exactly he was in a massive crater with a severed hand. The sound of some rubble shifting brought him out of his reverie, drawing his attention to where someone was shoving a large wooden beam aside. A figure emerged from beneath, their body stumbling and staggering for purchase amongst the loose footing. Their right arm was held close to their body - most likely broken - and they had issues using only their left arm to move things out of the way.

The figure seemed to notice the man on the side of the crater, and tried to call out to them, though a clap of thunder covered up whatever they were saying. The man hesitated for a minute, before deciding to try and help the person; whether they were friend or foe could be decided later. Sliding back down to the water’s edge, he started wading over to where a large rock was rooted in, and reached a hand out to the stranger, who grasped it awkwardly, and pulled them closer.

“Rando!” The stranger said with a slightly exasperated tone. His short brown hair was plastered to his face and he appeared like he’d be through one hell of a fight. Rando helped the stranger get to halfway up the side of the crater before stopping to ask him some questions. “Who exactly are you? How do you know who I am, and why exactly are we in the middle of a crater?” The other man seemed confused for a minute before answering. “You don’t know who I am? It’s me, Deimos, come on man how could you not recognize me?” Rando stared at Deimos intently for a minute, searching through his apparently foggy memory. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but you’re a total stranger to me. Your name does sound familiar, but I can’t place why.”

The soldier just sighed, before answering the other questions. “I know you because we’re friends, we’ve fought alongside each other. Hell, it was only because you that I lost only this,” he pulled his arm out of the tattered remains of his vest, showing that his right hand was missing, “instead of my whole arm. As for the crater… well…”

“It’s the Mansion.”

A voice not belonging to either of them finished Deimos’ thought. The two men turned and gazed up at the rim of the crater, where someone in a black cloak was crouched. They stood there for a minute as the rain died down, Rando and Deimos trying to figure out who this new person was. Once the rain had all but subsided, the duo made their way to where the cloaked man waited for them. His hood obscured his eyes and hair, making it difficult to identify him, he smirked at their confusion. “Really guys, how could you forget me? After all, I’m just so memorable.” The man pulled his hood back, revealing a head of silvery-cyan hair and piercing electric blue eyes.

“Azog…” Deimos whispered in what seemed to be angered disbelief.

“Aww, Deimos, you DO remember me. I’m touched. Really. Right in here.” Azog patted his chest before giving a minor bow that lacked none of his over-theatricality. Rando’s eyes widened as bits and pieces of his memory flashed quickly in his head. Scenes of the Mansion, Azog and Xicon, a fire, rings and lights, some kind of Batman figure, and people dying. Lots of people dying. Rando clutched his head as a dull throb settled in there, Deimos took a step forward, his teeth gritted together as he forced out. “Why the hell did you blow up the Mansion‽”

Azog chuckled as fixed his hair, the fine strands slipping through his gloved fingers. “Well, I could be cryptic and make you angry, or I could tell you the truth and make you ever angrier than that! Which do you prefer?” The Aussie took exception to that and made to rush the dramatic man before Rando grabbed his arm. “Wait, Deimos stop. I don’t think he’s responsible for the Mansion being destroyed.”

“That’s right Rando,” spoke up yet another individual. Xicon, cloaked but not hooded, stepped around from behind Rando and Deimos and joined his grinning partner. “We are not responsible for this. In fact, we were trying to stop it. If you’re looking to blame someone, blame him.” The deep blue haired man pointed to Rando, whose shocked expression indicated he didn’t remember that detail. “No… no it wasn’t me! It couldn’t have been!” Azog chuckled again, seemingly enjoying Rando’s amnesia, “Oh but it was! You brought this on everyone the minute you brought those Shards back to the Mansion. In fact-“

The taunting was brought to a swift end by Deimos’ fist, which made direct contact with the side of Azog’s face. The silverette stumbled back, anger flashing in those electric eyes of his. “We didn’t bring those Shards here! You did! You and that blue-haired fucker!” Deimos shouted at the two, looking ready to kill. Xicon remained calm - guarded, but calm - as he spoke: “I think you need to remember exactly what happened, Deimos. This all began when the sky split open…”

And here is where it all started…

The rain fell hard that day, a rain of sorrow and anguish, not of cleansing or joy. The angels wept that day, the day the worlds burned...
All I can remember after I closed my eyes, was that first, it got real loud; then, it got real hot; then it got real slimy; then it got quiet; then it got.... unspeakable. And when I opened my eyes, the pool was empty, and three days had passed.