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Roast's Creativity Parlor

This is where I'll post all my writings, doodles, sprites, etc.

First, I'll post some stuff that I've already done.


My 1st ever fantroll, as seen in Interplosionstuck:


Name: Bolrip Varmen
Age: 7 Alternian Solar Sweeps (about 15 Earth Years)
Sex: Male
God-Tier Bard of Light
Planet: Land of Ice and Fire (LOIAF)

He enjoys talking to the people that he considers "close" , not so much to others. A bit of a klutz. Can have the best or the worst luck at times. Is a self-described "hardcore gamer". He has an "impressive" collection of hats (he has the 5th largest in Alternia)

A low quality talksprite of Bolrip (made in about 15 in MS Paint)

LPW Count: 7

King of Pages 101, 118,123, and 126.
Queen of Pages 103, 117, and 126