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RAARGH (Dawn's ever-worsening mental illness)



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Post Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:17 pm

RAARGH (Dawn's ever-worsening mental illness)

So, as I've explained to you all before, I'm currently so far in the closet that I'm making snow angels in Narnia, but the fact that I am such is driving me INSANE. My hormones are getting ever more intense and seeing girls with nice boobs absolutely everywhere is driving me up the wall with sexual frustration.

So guess what happened when I tried to come out and talk about my thoughts and fears, since this state is absolutely full of ignorant christian anti-LGBT groups, to my therapist?

She shot them ALL DOWN. She legit doesn't care that being gay/kinda bi??? is driving me insane. and at one point, she brought my grandma in, and AGREED with her anti-gay sentiments. And what's even more, she's utterly confused me about how I'm seeing the world. I don't even know if I'm hallucinating these threats or not, And now I'm wondering if this world is even real, and if I'm not having a nightmare half the time I'm awake?! And it doesn't help that violence, especially violence towards the mentally ill and LGBT persons is really high in this state. The idea of me having PTSD and Asperger's has been brought up. and ever since I told her I'm so depressed that I feel like there's no way out except dying, I'm under CONSTANT SUICIDE WATCH, which means I can't fap and I have even less privacy than before, and my therapist wants to, instead of gradually helping me out of my fear of people, wants to PUSH ME OUT THERE SO I CAN PANIC AND HAVE A GODDAMN HEART ATTACK

Also, guess who's not gonna have any alone time with Tod???

I guess this is what I get for trusting people. Not even fucking therapists can be trusted.


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Post Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:18 am

Re: RAARGH (Dawn's ever-worsening mental illness)

/hugs Dawn

We wil find a way to get some alone time, I promise. And I can also promise that we are real and that I speak for us all when I say "fuck them".
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Re: RAARGH (Dawn's ever-worsening mental illness)

Oh, Dawn.... :( *hugs* I'm so sorry to hear this.... Seriously, that is fucking disgusting. It makes me livid that there are actually people that hateful and narrow-minded. They shouldn't even be called human.
I really don't know what to say. You've come so far and the last thing I expected was for that selfish bitch of a therapist to push you back even more. This isn't fair and I wish there were something all of us could do. Hell I bet if we could, we'd all hop on the next plane over there, break in and take you as far away from there as possible. (But I think Tod will beat all of us to that :D ) I hope it at least helps to know what there's so many people here that care for you and want to see you get out of there. We're real, we can promise that. I know things are horrible right now. But the way I see it, (and as Legend of Korra puts it,) "when we've hit our lowest point, we open ourselves to the greatest change."
Please don't give up, Dawn. You're an amazing person and you do not deserve this hell. Have hope that things will turn around; I think Tod visiting is the first step to getting things to start turning around for the better.

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