Post Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:08 pm

My Wonderful Animation Teacher

The reason I go to [TRADE SCHOOL] is to learn about a subject that is interesting to me that I could not learn at [ACTUAL SCHOOL]. The Animation class was very interesting to me before I started going, but the teacher, Jon Vernon, has absolutely ruined all desire I have to learn about the subject. This man is incompetent as both a teacher and a person. There are little things, such as constantly misspelling key terms on tests, referring to important terms incorrectly without correcting himself, thus confusing students.
I could deal with these problems, assuming he could be apologetic about it and not expecting students to know what he meant in the first place. But there are larger offenses that make it inexcusable that this man is allowed to teach. He constantly plays loud music, making it difficult to concentrate on work. He has an imaginary standard of quality that he doesn't tell students about before projects begin. When you tell him about a problem you're having, he tells you "do your best", instead of assisting you with it. And when you actually do try your best, he gives you a bad grade because you couldn't do the correct task, because he wouldn't help you in the first place. Instead of teaching the subject himself, he relies entirely on tutorial videos found online. There is not a single thing I can recall about either programs (Flash and Maya) that he has taught us personally.
Today, I was having difficulty with the 3D modeling program, Maya. Some sort of glitch had caused a model to form incorrectly on loading the project. I had not touch anything, it simply loaded this way. Not fixing the issue I was having will reflect extremely poorly on my grade, even with a teacher that grades fairly. When I asked him for help, he told me, "You must have done something, just work with it until you figure it out." I responded by telling him it simply loaded that way and that the method of fixing it wasn't working properly. He said, verbatim, "I'm going to tell you this one more time. Use your critical thinking skills to figure it out on your own."
This sort of behavior, in my opinion, is absolutely inexcusable for a teacher. I understand that there are some situations where I will need to rely on my own skills to figure out a problem, but when I have only been using a program for exactly one week, I believe it's entirely justified that I ask for assistance. Being denied and left on my own, guaranteeing a poor grade is ridiculous.

A man that refuses to assist his students, and in some situations directly inconvenience them should not be allowed to teach. And this is not only me he is acting this way to. I've witnessed him act exactly the same to other students, and several have already dropped the class. I would say they are justified. I've spoken to other students, and they share the same dislike of Vernon. They also believe they are learning very little about the software, despite Vernon expecting us to do things beyond our experience level and current capabilities.

Besides that, I believe he is an annoying person outside of teaching, considering how wasteful and inconsiderate he is, but I understand that those do not reflect on his teaching skills. But when his teaching skills a already so dismal, it is difficult not to pair teaching and personal idiosyncrasies together.