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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Campaign Status Reports



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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Campaign Status Reports


Alpha Squadron - Codename: DOCTOR

Active Members

  • Sgt. David "Ten" Tennant, Heavy
    Sergeant Tennant was the only survivor of the first contact mission. He loves using his rocket launcher to destroy large numbers of foes.
    Missions: 4
    Kills: 8
    Status: Well
    Notable Accomplishment: Killed three Greys (one through mental link) with a single rocket blast.

  • Cpl. Matt "Eleven" Smith, Support
    Corporal Smith has proven to be a valuable support member, taking great care to ensure the survival of any civilians and his fellow squadmates.
    Missions: 3
    Kills: 3
    Status: Wounded (7 Days)
    Notable Accomplishment: Ensured the survival of critical civilian scientists by enduring a Thin Man's poison attack.

  • Cpl. Christopher "Nine" Eccleston, Assault
    Corporal Eccleston is not the most stealthy operative, and manages to be caught out of cover quite frequently. He has fortunately never been hit, but he has been shot at numerous times. He prefers his assault rifle.
    Missions: 3
    Kills: 4
    Status: Wounded (9 Days)
    Notable Accomplishment: Killed a Thin Man and a Grey with a single, well-thrown frag grenade.

  • Sq. Arthur "Rory" Darvill, Sniper
    Squaddie Darvill (the second) has proven a great shot, hitting enemies from afar with tremendous ease.
    Missions: 1
    Kills: 2
    Status: Well
    Notable Accomplishment: Headshot a Grey with a 13% chance of hitting.

Former Members

  • Arthur "Rory" Darvill, Rookie
    Rookie Darvill was killed in action during Operation Unending Apollo after being poisoned by a Thin Man. Strangely, a new recruit who looks very similar to him and has the same name appeared shortly thereafter.
    Missions: 2
    Kills: 0

(I'm playing XCOM with a squad named after actors in Doctor Who. Squad status will be updated as I continue to play through the campaign. It's silly fun.)


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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Campaign Status Reports

A guy on the Fear Mythos played through XCOM with the members of the forum. Maybe when you finish/die/get bored with the Doctors, you can do that with IP?
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