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Crypto does bad fanfiction!



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Post Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:28 am

Crypto does bad fanfiction!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today, I will be sharing a shitty fan fic that I came across on the MSPA forums. Just like the others, I have pictures to help me survive this journey. Without further ado, here is my first fanfic commentary called DAVE STRIDER POKEMON TRAINER

First, with the AN
AN: my old acount got deleted so i made an new 1! i will be writitng storys here now so stay tooned! as usal, this story is a crossover! enjoyt!))

Everyone is glad that your old account was deleted.

ing rign the phone went as davee got ot of bed. he pickiced it up and it wuz his fav pokemon professor OAK! 'hey oak howz it going" dave asked. very god dave" oka replied. it is time for u to come get a pokermon now dave so get 2 my lab quickl!

What the fuck have I decided to read?
dave run to his lab in his pajamass (Just lik ash LOL) he wuz so in a hurry that he forgot his shandes on his dessert.

So wait, Dave eats dessert that early in the morning? And WHAT did he leave on his dessert?

im here dave sed as he brust in oaks door". i want a pokemon now oak dave siad. he wuz ded sirius. "sorry dave" oak said ther are no more pokmon left bu i will let you pickp any 1 from the pokerdex and u can use i in your advenure.

One does not SIMPLY pick a pokemon out of the pokedex, Dave.

cool dvea sed. i choose u GROUNDOON. groundoon was a ledgend and very cool so dave picked him and he was aslos on fire becuz he knew fire blapst witch is a very strong mov.

Okay, legend pokemon are not, I repeat ARE NOT starter pokemon, and they never will be, because the kid who got groundoon would get a unfair advantage over other pokemon trainers.

dave went to left oaks lab but frist oak warnered him and sed "watch out 4 team bad and ther leaders jack and karkart they wnat to steel all the pokemn and kill u." "oh no" dave said "this is not good. how can i bee champ if im ded?" exzackly oak sed u must avoid them at alll cops.

Oh shit... Jack and "Karkart" leaders of "Team Bad" WILL KILL US AND STEEL ALL MY POKEMN AND KILL ME!

Dvea walked onto rout 1 with GROUNDOON. gud job bro dave sed after they killd a ratatata with GROUNDOON's fissur. daves pokemon just grinned becuz he was cool like tat

If you had a legend pokemon, trust me dear boy you would be facing more challenges than just a rattata.

suddenly kitkat. hey dave im on team bad ur going down karkit sed.

You can never spell karkat right can you?

"oh no!" dave exclamed. dis is so bad im gunna die! karykat sent out a digimon and dave sed thats not fair. yes it is karkrt said. i will win now. then dave lucked on in aw and saw WILL TURNER

This spelling... MY EYES. THEY ARE MELTING....

he was so radant and coool with sining brown hair and he wuz so hot but dave didnt thik no becuz he was not gay. will lept forwad and stabbed karykats diginmon with his sowrd.

No comment.

My brain hurts too much to continue. I will leave this here, I will come back to this when my brain stops screaming in agony.

See you next time on "Crypto Reads Ban Fanfiction"
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I'm Still Here

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Post Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:21 am

Re: Crypto does bad fanfiction!

Well, now that my brain is not numb anymore, I guess I should continue.

i will have my revng karkart yellped b4 funning away. he got in a car and tired to run dav over but dave wuz to fast and kitkat crashed in2 a wall and he got hurt but did knot dye. HE GOT WAY! dave screamed at will



no will said. he may beg gone but we can still carry on hour jurney. will then joined daves perty becuz he thought dav was cool.


they waled a bit and got to cerulen city. insted of misty teh gym leader was LINK!

But... I thought that this story was a crossover of Homestuck And pokemon, but apparently LoZ joins that crossover also.

fight me dav and get da badge link sed. dave sent out GROUNDOON, and link sent out sctyher. syther was no match for GROUNDOON thog, and link gave dave the gud badge!

The WHAT badge? Also, gym matches last longer than two seconds, oh dear author (insert amount of sarcasm here)


I dont know, what do you think audience?


katrack wuz in team bad hq with jack. what the HELL hapened? Jack askd. dave is so dtrong! karmart anwsered. we cant beet him, we must RETREAPT.

Who the FUCK is katrack? And who the FUCK is karmart? Are they other members of team bad I never knew about?

no jcak siad. you r just weak. let me handle him l8r. until den, activate DA PLAN.

jcak laffed.

Well, my brain is numb and my eyes are bleeding, so I need to leave this here. See you next time on Crypto reads Bad Fanfics
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