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Ana's Stories/Book thingie she made up



Post Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:16 pm

Ana's Stories/Book thingie she made up

Chapter One

I wake up in the woods in the backyard of my old house I walk through and try to find my tree house. I finally find it and theres a big rock blocking it with a sign that says "DANGER KEEP OUT!" I move the rock and go in as soon as I did I shut the door in time before the creature(That always followed me) would follow me in I freak out to find everything crashed down so I fixed the house up a bit then I went to sleep on whats left of the bed...

I wake up to hear voices saying "Who is she? Do you know her? No then wake her up and get her the hell out of here!"
Then a someone replied with "Yes Sir" I soon to be pushed out of the bed.I stand up and I see two people one who I think I knew when I was little
"What do you want from me this is my tree house I built it when I was little!" I scream. Im soon being pushed to the door I stop and turn around
"Who are you?"I say. They both replied with their names "Tod, and Im Cannor" They had said...They started pushing me t'ward the door again as I say
" Please let me stay there is a horrible creature out there!" They stopped and looked at me strange "Huh?" They both said at the same time." I said theres a horrible creature out there it teleports around and shizz" I said.They soon let me go and asked me "What does it look like?" I soon reply with "It has no face wears a suit and has a bunch of arms" They both didnt believe me at first then the reliezed it had been following them to...They had agreed to let me stay as long as I did the cleaning,cooking,and guard the house during the daytime while they are gone.

I rush into the house from coming back to the store as I hear a scream I rush into the kitchen to see Cannor on the ground with bloody dripping from his arm I had asked him what happened and he said that someone outside had shot him. I rushed and got a cloth and rapped it around his arm and took him to the hospital and then when we got home Tod had been waiting for us
"Where were you guys?"He asked.
"Hospital Cannor was shot in the arm"I replied

I told Cannor to get plenty of rest and dont go hunting agai ntill his arm was better so then Tod had to go by himself hunting but if I leave Cannor here he might get killed Im worried for Tod but Im sure he can portect himself....Right?


Post Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:30 am

Re: Ana's Stories/Book thingie she made up

Sorry guys Im working on Chapter two so


Post Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:25 am

Re: Ana's Stories/Book thingie she made up

Chapter Two

Its been a few months Cannor’s arm is okay but I’ve met someone else while running around out in the open, her name is Dawn. Tod hasn’t been back at the fort for a few days I’m starting to get worried I don’t know if he is hurt or if someone captured him, but I’m hoping he is okay. I’ve decided I’m going to look for him tonight I’ll have to be quite, and make sure no one sees me or else I’m probably dead meat. Anyway let’s hope I don’t get caught.

Its been a few hours I’m somewhere inside a sewer pipe it stinks and I keep hearing some people walking above it I think Tod is up there. There’s a lid to the sewer above if there was a ladder or something to climb up I could get up there and well.. Actually I’d have to get something to push the heavy lid off I’ll have to find something in the sewer to use. There’s a few planks on the walkway I could run/jump/climb up the wall like a ninja and grab the top bar and hold on while I push the lid off and pull myself up.

It turns out I pulled myself up at the wrong time to only find out that it was in the middle of the road but the building where Tod was trapped was in front of me but I turn my head to see a car coming bout 45 miles an hour almost hit me but someone pulled me back under into the sewer and the car pasted I turn to see no one there just a dark sewer. I pull myself up to see if everything was clear I see a gang across from me at the building. I wonder what they are doing I’ll wait for them to leave and go save Tod.

I ran back to the fort and Dawn volunteered to help save Tod. We ran and climbed the wall the hole from where I pushed the lid off. No one was there we climbed out *Dawn Slips* she cried “HELP!” *Grabs her arm and pulls her up* “You okay?” I said. We ran inside “You go that way I’ll go this Way meet me back here if you find anything to help give us clues to where Tod is”. I run into every room shouting Tod I found nothing but in the last room I ran into someone and hit the floor.

I wake up in a chair I tried moving but I’m strapped down I look to my side and I see dawn still knocked out but she didn’t run into me how is she?…..A man walked in and pointed a gun at us “Who are you?” He asked. With a reply of “I’m Ace, and this is Dawn, and if you don’t anything to her I will not hesitate to kill you.” He unties us and lets us go I had to carry Dawn home, but atleast I found Tod. We got home and I heard someone besides Cannor talking. We rushed in and Cannor said “Turns out we have a new member she wont tell us her real name but she refers SHG, So here she is.” I put down on the couch and walk over to SHG “Hello I’m Ace, this is Tod ,and that’s Dawn on the couch. If you’re a spy you can go back to where you came from.”

To be Continued……


Post Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:36 pm

Re: Ana's Stories/Book thingie she made up

Chapter Three

turns out SHG isn’t a spy just a random stranger that found us. So I guess she can join our little group, but I cant risk anyone dying. But the other night I got this weird text message that says”Meet me (with your “group” at the old school’s storage room.“ I don’t know who it is but Im gonna find out.

“This way” I say as I lead them through the woods, We have already made a plan. “Dawn go East and hide in a tree till I give the signal, SHG you stay with me, and Tod and Cannor go to the west side of the school and hide” I say as we arrive, Me and SHG walk toward the school when two guys walk out. I nod at Dawn,Tod,and Cannor, they surrounded the two men.”Please do us no harm I don’t want to kill your group leader” The taller one said,” What do you want from us?”Dawn yells out.”We want what’s ours,SHG” the short one said then with a small he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me,”Give us her and we wont kill the innocent girl”. I look at Tod and then turned to them ,Smiled and then said “No”.They all looked confused and right before he pulled the trigger Tod shot him.”Thank you Tod now we have to get rid of the dead body,But this one we have to do something about”. Then out the blue a man walks out and says “Roast leave these poor people alone.” then “Roast” walked back toward the school “Hello fellows I’m Daniel ,but call me Rando ,and that’s Roast” The man said.Tod broke the silence “Then who is he?”He pointed toward the dead man.”Young sir I don’t know but if you shall go,leave now before I kill ALL of you”Rando said.

We walked out to the fort sometimes I hear someone following us so I looked at Tod and then all of us turned around “What do you want now?” Tod yelled to the person following us.”Its me Roast I quit and now boss is trying to find/kill me”He says back and he looked pretty scared.”Fine come with us I yelled before Tod could say no.He looked at us and then he looked relieved and ran up to us.Tod just looked at me and said “Why?Theres not a lot of room for people in what Rando called a group.”.”Because I’m not gonna leave Roast out there as bait just to be killed then Rando would know where the fort is and he would kill us all”


Hello fellow Interplosioners/readers I might be leaving a message at the ends of chapters like this so like umm…In the replys tell me what you want in different chapters and like umm…(Sorry I’m just dumb:3)Tell me if you think Rando/Daniel should turn out good and join our “group” or should be the enemy forever?Btw the creature in the first chapter that had been chasing me Im bringing him back in chapter four I had forgot bout him in two and three but Ill bring him back in chapter four so I’m sorry for not mentioning him at all but only in chapter one:3 Thanks-Ana

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