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Fan Fiction Not So Much a Frightmare: My Prey

Have you ever been perusing through your collection of Bruce Wayne fan-fiction and thought, “I really need more BDSM sexfiction involving Bruce Wayne and a person who doesn’t even exist in a fictitious universe?” No? Then congratulations! You’re not stupid! Now, I must say, this isn’t demented like the Snape/Teletubbies fic, nor is it god awful in the context of My Immortal, but it’s still very very very weird. Let’s get started, shall we?

It took me some time to post this fic. I almost didn’t post it because I know exactly what it is, a vanity piece of pure PWP. I wrote this because even though I am a Domme I do switch to bottom on occasion and I really wanted Bruce Wayne to Top and have sex with me….so there!!!!!!

I fully understand that many of you may not choose to read this because it heavily involves an OC with our favorite characters and that’s okay. I accept this but I still wanted to let this fic loose from my hard drive just in case someone wanted to take the chance and enjoy some explicit BDSM action.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I not mention that the character is an author insert? A shameless author insert done so that they can actually get off on the idea of being fucked by Bruce Wayne in a BDSM fashion? Well, it’s definitely that. And it’s as weird as it sounds.

This has been one bust of a day. My early morning meeting dissolved into chaos when the demonstration of a renewable source of biodegradable packing materials lost its cohesion and exploded all over the room. It took the rest of the morning to pick half melted packing peanuts out of my hair and my suit was a lost cause. The rest of my half day consisted of soothing ruffled feathers and reviewing the engineering team’s reports on the project. Those exploding peanuts may not be fit for shipping breakables across country but do have the potential of putting a really interesting spin on a flash-bang grenade.

Packing peanut flash-bangs: All the more reasons to not trust those brown-attired fuckers at UPS.

Now I’m on my way home but still too full of energy to do myself any good. It’s too early to go on patrol

I have to interrupt this because IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO BATMAN

and too early to start working on any other projects for the night. I’m not in the mood to spar with anyone and even if I was in the mood, a) there wasn’t anyone at home to train or spar with as Clark is not available and both Dick and Tim were on the sick and injured list and b) sparring is not the type of exercise I need or desire.

“What I’m saying in incredibly complex terminology and reasoning is: Bruce wants some poon-tang”

Luckily while one of my favorite sources of stress relief was out of town on a press junket in Dubai the other was at the Manor spending the week working on a grant proposal for the woman’s health clinic where she works. A day working on a grant proposal, for no matter how noble a cause, is stupefying enough an endeavor that Jai should be up for some fun and games by the time I get home.

Somehow, the idea of some “fun and games” with Batman sounds dangerous and sexual no matter what they actually end up being.

A slow smile spreads across my face as I hit the speed dial code for Jai’s cell…

“Hey it’s me, you know, Batman, the greatest detective alive, crusader of the night, just calling to let you know I’ll be batfucking you. Oh, and I picked up Chinese.”

“Hi, no I’m fine. I’m going to be home earlier than I thought today. No the meeting was a bust but the research sounds promising. Hey, I’m bringing you something home; meet me up front in about a half an hour. Okay, see you then.”

It doesn’t take long to create a plan of actions once I return home so I utilize the remainder of the ride home to contemplate the differences in my sexual relationships with both Clark and Jai.

Wait what. Bruce Wayne, aka BATMAN, is in a relationship with Clark Kent, aka Superman.... Every comic nerd either has a shame-boner, or just a regular boner at this revelation.

My Clark is a natural submissive. We might not be engaging in something as deep as hard bondage and or extreme sensations but Clark usually submits in one variation or another when we have sex. It works for him, I suppose submitting his power to me, or to Jai for that matter as I know she Tops him as well, grants Clark the freedom and balance he needs to counter the great natural power he possess physically. That and he really loves all the attention.

What... no.... That’s just.... What

Clark’s submission is a gentle fall into subspace where he surrenders willingly, sweetly, completely to his Master. He becomes, still, yes that is the word that best describes Clark’s mindset, still, pliant and receptive under a firm hand and it takes naught but a code-word, command, growl or look to send him under.

Are you implying that with a simple utterance of a word would send Superman, arguably the most powerful superhero ever, into a submissive trance?

My Jai on the other hand is a dominant woman who also bottoms on occasion which makes for some interesting dynamics in both our relationship and our sex lives. Usually we meet as fierce equals in the bedroom giving our all while giving no quarter. On very rare occasions I’ll allow Jai the upper hand, giving in to her and enjoying the journey as she applies her wicked imagination to my body, and she has a very, very wicked imagination.

Okay, let me get this straight. You, Batman, are in a relationship with someone known as “The Man of Steel,” who is apparently a submissive. And that you’re also in a relationship with a dominant woman who bottoms “on occasion” yet you only let her take control “on very rare occasions.” So.... She’s a dominant woman that never really gets to be dominant unless she’s fucking Superman?

On the occasions Jai chooses to bottom to me she’s more of a pet then a submissive. And Jai’s a pet alright, a pet Lioness, and like a lioness Jai’s playful, wanton, relentless and will give her all to the one who is skilled enough to tame her because my Jai only acquiesces to the greater. Hunt her, catch her, subdue her and she comes to heel. Pet her stroke her, pleasure her and she purrs. So, before Jai allows herself to be your pet, she is prey, prey to be stalked, hunted, caught and bought to heel.

Well, rich people do like to have exotic pets, right?

As Alfred pulls the car up in front of the Manor I know that my day has just improved.

And ours is about to get worse

Walking inside the front door I can barely contain myself. It’s only because of training and will that I’m able to keep the smirk off my face. It’s no fun warning her this early that the game’s afoot.

Ugh, I feel that the author only included that “game is afoot” line to try and show that Bruce Wayne and Sherlock Holmes are on the same level, and my inner everything died a little because of it.

“Hi baby,” Jai greets brightly while descending the central staircase. “You didn’t have to bring me anything home, I’d-da let you in anyway,” she jokes with a mischievous smile.

HA! It’s funny because he’s Batman, and there’s no way to lock Batman out of his own house. I get the joke.

“I know, but I wanted to bring you this anyway,” I answer with a smile of my own.

“If you insist,” Jai insists dramatically, “so what’d ya bring me?”

I wait until she is more than halfway down the stairs before I answer. “Oh, just this, ONE!” I begin counting while removing my jacket.

Ah ah ah

Jai’s eyes widen as she looks longingly up the stairs. She knows our game, knows she has until the count of ten before I start after her, and knows better than to try to run back up to the second level. The effort would only eat up her head start.

Does she even have a chance to escape? He’s fucking Batman, he could probably run a marathon in his sleep and still feel rested.

“TWO!” I announce with my tie off while toeing off my loafers. I’m up to FOUR! By the time Jai’s made it down the rest of the stairs and has kicked off her own shoes. By SIX! She’s more than halfway down the main hall with the globes of her generous round ass bouncing like mad under the flimsy orange dress she wore today. Those glorious globes will be bouncing again later today, but for another reason altogether.

Please stop calling her asscheeks “globes” History class will never be the same again.

I actually give her to the count of TWELVE! Before setting out after my prey just to see what she’ll do with the extra time. And no, I don’t run after her, with our differing strength and endurance levels there would no contest. All I’d have to do is run straight to her and take her down, what sport is there in that? No, by stalking her, following her trail through the Manor I make this a contest of wits and skill. For a woman her size, Jai is quite good at this.

This seems all too appropiate at this point, seeing as he previously called her his “lioness.” Just keep it going and I think you’ll see why

Starting down the main hall, I bypass all the doors, whether partially open or not, until I come to the only one with both fresh brush strokes from the door being opened and fresh foot prints in the carpet. Opening the door to the Study I’m greeted by one smirking young adult, one wide eyed teen, a closet with the door ajar and the secret door behind the Grandfather Clock that has also been left slightly ajar.

If Batman just walked in on Robin making out with Robin...

Dick and Tim know not to get involved in our contests so I remove their presence from the equation.

Yes, Robin and Robin are apparently completely aware that Batman chases his girlfriend around the manner as a means of foreplay before their rough kinky sex. Also, since they know not to get involved does that mean that there was a time where they got roped into the game?

Crouching down to inspect the carpet between the clock and the closet I search for patterns of indentations. Jai is very clever but I’m on her trail now. There is only one set of foot indentations between the closet and the clock and the indentations are deeper in the toe area as if Jai were retracing her steps to make me think that she went into the closet and the secret passageway in its far corner. But I know due to the foot traffic data that she actually walked from the closet to the clock and went down the stairs down to the Cave. Clever. Pulling the clock open slowly I ease into the staircase and silently make my way down to the Cave.

Something’s really bugging me about this. The author made it clear that Jai is herself, and that she wrote this to get off, so why exactly is she putting so much detail into the mannerisms of Batman chasing her? He’s the world’s greatest goddamn detective for crying out loud! MADAM, THE STUPIDITY OF THE NUANCES REGARDING YOUR BATAMNxSELF FAPFICTION IS BEGINNING TO GET ON MY NERVES.

As soon as the clock door clicked shut Jai rolled her round self out from under the sofa table with the pretty white and blue floor length table cloth covering it. Levering herself up on her feet she ran over to the clock face and quickly moved the clock hand five minute forward, engaging the locking mechanism preventing anyone from opening the door without first entering the security code, with verification protocol, adding precious seconds to the speediest of egress. Sending a quick wave and blown kiss to the boys Jai flits out of the study heading down the hall towards the elevator.

I would like to point out that someone who does not on a regular basis put on a leather outfit and rob places related to the design of said leather outfit just outsmarted Batman.

Seconds later they can hear the sounds of the 31 digit code being entered and verified into the lock keypad. A pleasantly surprised Bruce slips out of the clock door.

Batman. Pleasently surprised. About being outsmarted. By a normal person.

“Clever girl…but that won’t stop me,” they heard him comment as her stalked out after Jai.

Grinning, Dick turned to a very scandalized Tim. “At least they’re not playing strip tag out in the rose gardens like he does with Clark.”

That sounds extremely counter-productive if they were doing that for foreplay.

“Don’t remind me, I have never been so embarrassed, no, mortified in my life as I was that day when the gardeners bought in their discarded boxers,” Tim shudders.

“Well if you want to keep it that way then we’d better get out of here before Bruce catches her. Jai can get a little…appreciative if ya know what I mean,” Dick laughs as he reaches for his crutches.

I... I don’t know what you mean, seeing as she apparently is a dominant woman and therefore would not be that appreciative of being forced to submit to anyone.

By the time I make it to her next logical stop, the center hall elevator, all I can do is watch the doors shut and note that the car is ascending. Running to the stairs I make my way up to the second floor. Listening for the elevator car I continue up and follow it at an easy lope. It finally stops on the fourth level, where Alfred stores all the excess furniture, holiday decorations, art, and household supplies. Standing still to assess the situation I listen for the smallest sound or rustle of movement before starting my hunt. We dodge around one another for another 28.27 minutes, Jai utilizing the sheets draping the furniture to hide behind before escaping down one of the secret passages. A passage I knew well as being one of my favorites as a child.


Avoiding the passage altogether I run down the back stairs to the second floor where the bedrooms we use are located. I stop and crouch down next the hall table allowing the floral arrangement on the table to block me from being seen and wait. It shouldn’t be long. Yes, there, the curtains by the small window flutter even though the window is closed, the terminus for the passage. I wait for my prey to emerge and move .7 feet towards the north face of the Manor before I pounce.


At the startled yelp emanating from the floor above him Alfred looks at his watch as he dries off his hands. Taking a moment out of his dinner preparations Alfred unlocks a draw in the pantry, takes out a small notebook and jots down a time designation. Even while taking the extra two minutes Master Bruce gave as a head start out of the equation it seems that Madam has bested her previous evasion time by 5.2 minutes.

“I do wonder how Master Bruce is going to take it when she finally turns the tables and the hunter becomes the prey?” the older man asks himself with a smile.

That is how I describe the above.

Wrestling my prize into my bedroom I spin to pin her against the back of the door while I engage the lock. There will be no escape this way. Holding her in place I contain her as Jai continues to struggle against me. I may have caught my prey but I have yet to subdue her. Using our centers of gravity for momentum I swing Jai around, releasing her so that she falls back onto the bed. Jai continues to roll until she is across then off the bed on the far side. Standing to her feet Jai slowly inches her way towards the fireplace and the secret passage that leads to several other bedrooms. It wasn’t until I was a teen that I came to understand that these passages were created to allow the master of the house easy access to his mistress or to his guest du jour. Jai knows she has no chance in hell to get to that passage, but she is going to try nevertheless or at least attempt to make me think that it’s her goal.

Yes, because when I’m engaging in foreplay with my sexual partners, I always make sure to engage them in a game of psychological chess. Clearly there is no other aphrodisiac.

She’s about to make her move, she’s balancing on the balls of her feet, there, she’s making a break, sprinting towards fireplace. If I angle my intercept just right…thought so! She’s pivoting on her right foot to change directions and make a dash for the door. If I had run for the fireplace and not for the intercept she might have actually gotten the door open, my clever girl.

Okay, how were you able to figure that out and yet she outsmarted you in the other room? In fact, something’s been bothering my with this. WHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS FROM BATMAN’S PERSPECTIVE IF JAI IS SUPPOSED TO BE YOU!?

Mirroring her moves I pin Jai’s soft curves to the door once again. Pressing myself tight against her rear I take the time to both untie the back of the halter dress and unhook the halter configured bra she’s wearing before turning her around to face me.

Hooray! The fucking is just now starting. Goddammit where’s the whiskey.

“Caught you,” I whispers.

Jai doesn’t answer, it’s part of our play. We have a safeword; actually it’s any spoken word, which works wonderfully as Pets don’t speak

I catch Jai’s wrists together and pin them to the door above her head using my left hand. I use my body’s greater height and strength to crowd her, hemming her in so Jai has no chance of escape. For Jai, my body has become her bondage.

No chance to escape until she reaches into her utility belt and pulls out the taser.

Not approaching her mouth, yet, because she hasn’t been gentled to my hand and has been known to bite when cornered, I instead stroke the sides of her face and around her ears. She turns her head away from me, not yet ready to give up. But then again, neither am I so I continue to softly stroke Jai’s face, and neck, working my way slowly down her body, moving the gauzy dress out of my way as my hand descends.

Just batfuck her already so you can go have a more engaging confrontation with Joker outside of the orphanage he’s probably going to blow up.

I work my way down her body, slowly, finally freeing Jai’s breasts from the remains of her bra and dress top. I lift the full globe of her right one in my hand loving the feel of the weight of it. Using my thumb I caress the hardening nipple, stroking it, rolling it between my fingers as I gently squeeze and fondle it. Finally lifting her breast to my lips I lick, taste, and suck.

So Bruce is holding her hands above her head, pinning her body against a wall, but is bending over enough to suck her nipple? Is... is that how straight sex works? Because that sounds like it shouldn’t be physically possible with their body placement.

By degrees the tension ebbs from Jai’s rounded frame until she finally surrenders, laying her head back on the door and arching up into my hands and grinds herself ever so slightly into me as I lave attention on her breasts and hardened nipples. Smiling I see that I am successful. I release my Pet’s breast in order to reach out and tilt her head so that she looks up at me.


Assessing to see that, yes, eyes are now softened, lips parted, and she’s panting lightly, “Hello Pet,” I murmur.

Jai snorts softly but doesn’t pull away as I lower her arms.

“I’ve stalked, hunted and caught you. I now claim my prize,” I intone punctuating my statement with a sharp swat to her ass.


Creasing her brow Jai moves her head to nuzzle my neck and shoulder while rubbing her thigh against the erection starting to tent my pants.

“No you won’t change my mind. I captured you and you are mine. All of you,” I growl.

Issuing a small mew of discontent Jai continues nuzzling until she reached my lips which she showers with kisses, each showing more passion than the last.

Catwoman must be jealous.

I allow my Pet’s kisses as I walk us back into the room, angling towards the bed. Right in front of the bed I stop and sink down to the floor pulling Jai down with me until I have her ample frame draped over my out stretched lap. Drawing the end of her dress up over Jai’s ass and pulling her panties down I expose those generous globes I had made plans for earlier that afternoon. I actual sigh as I pet and stroke my Pet’s ass preparing the both of us before,




I have redacted the sexual part of this fic because it’s very boring and contains very little riffable material. Basically. It’s just bondage sex. Like, that’s it. There’s just nothing odd or horrifying. It’s just Bruce Wayne. Having bondage sex. So sorry about that. I’ll deliver another FFF as soon as possible.

Clark’s gasp and soft exclamation of “Damn, Bruce!” wake me out of my light slumber. I know we are a sight to instill nothing but lust in the heart of a saint the way I’ve positioned us after we finally fell asleep. And for all his goodness and upholding of the truth, Clark is no saint.

Please stop reminding me that Superman is in on this weird relationship of yours. It’s just the worst thing ever.

I have us so that we’re still naked and I’m lying sprawled out across the bed on my back, holding my Pet in my arms so that she can’t shift out of position. My Pet I’ve arranged to lay half on and half off my body with her well spanked and re-butt plugged ass exposed to the room and pointing so that it’s the first thing someone entering the room from the balcony would see.

Because you clearly have no other important duties to attend to. By the way, Gotham is now missing at least three buildings, no big deal.

When Clark texted me stating that he was going to fly over to Gotham for the evening I decided to expend our play, and to include Clark. Why should I be the only one to enjoy an ass like this? I am going to Top them both tonight. I want to be the one to order my Boy Scout to fuck my Pet in her ass.


I want to see the look on my Pet’s face as Clark’s large cock rides up inside of her and watch the expressions on her face as it moves from ‘oh damn he’s too huge’ to ‘yes, more, harder, more’. I want to watch my Boy Scout’s face flush and his eyes shutter as he enters my Pet’s hot, tight ass and hear him swear, yes Superman gets a potty mouth when the sex gets good, as he fills her ass with his cum.

SONOFABITCH YOU CALLED SUPERGODDAMNMAN YOUR BOY SCOUT. Welp, never looking at my scout friends the same way ever again.

I’m getting hard just thinking about all that I have planned for the rest of tonight. What I had first thought of as a bust that ruined my day has instead given my Pet and I an afternoon of delight and now including my Boy Scout, it’s given us a chance to make a night to remember.

And Gotham burned because of it.
Jesus this was just an unpleasant experience. Like I said I’m sorry this kinda flopped but I’ll make it up to you guys somehow... Maybe ComicsNix has something for me....
All I can remember after I closed my eyes, was that first, it got real loud; then, it got real hot; then it got real slimy; then it got quiet; then it got.... unspeakable. And when I opened my eyes, the pool was empty, and three days had passed.