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Dawn's Drawings and Writings!♥



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Re: Dawn's Drawings and Writings!♥

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Re: Dawn's Drawings and Writings!♥

I know you've probably given up this fanfic by now but I do still like it. c:
thanks to deviantArt I only ever see really poorly written one-shot CharacterxSelf fanfics.

Also I really like your drawing style. You put a lot of details into outfits - something I can appreciate 'cause I'm always so lazy with clothes x'D


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Re: Dawn's Drawings and Writings!♥



Name: Minera Minako

Tag: adorableCopycat

Chaste: Rust blood (Aradia)

Age: 7 sweeps (approx. 16)

Strifekind: Pipekind

Title: Witch of Heart

Planet: Land of Colors and Wonder

Basic Personality: Acts cute in order to fool others into thinking she's harmless. Secretly depressed due to her blood chaste. Loves baked goods and is a little chubby because of it. Surprisingly quick in battle.

Your trolltag is adorableCopycat and you tend to speak softly <3ut also in a very cutesy manner.


Name: Jasaya Lawter

Chaste: Jade Blood (Kanaya)

Age: 8 sweeps (around 17)

Strifekind: Macekind

Title: Witch of Hope

Planet: Land of Chalices and Toys

Basic Personality: Calm and collected. Kind. Studious and a lover of old stories and fairy tales. Interested in the blood chaste system and researching it.

Your trolltag is apocalypseChromatic and you 7end 7o make a lo7 of grey7 puns wi7h your lusus.


Name: Mestit Sarifi

Chaste: Cerulean Blood (Vriska)

Age: 8 Sweeps (~17)

Strifekind: Dicekind

Title: Thief of Doom

Planet: Land of Ice and Disease

Basic Personality: Grumpy and bitchy. Unlucky to the point of being dangerous. Enjoys causing havoc. Rather apathetic about the chaste system.

your trolltag is blackoutJuggernaut and you have no time for a11 these whiny 6itches.



Name: Auroun Oxiran

Chaste: Teal Blood (Terezi)


Violet Blood (Eridan)

Age: 9 Sweeps (~19)

Teal- Candlekind

Violet- Hookkind

Title: ? of Mind

Planet: (yet to be determined)

Basic Personality:

Violet: Scientist. Intelligent but socially inept. Aggressive and territorial.

Teal: Criminal investigator-to-be. Intelligent but abrasive. Territorial.

Your trolltag is geniusCatalyst and you have no time for these Borons.


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Re: Dawn's Drawings and Writings!♥

Look at our awesome trollsonas!! :D
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