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Kralie's Marble Hornets: The Production From Hell [Theory]

WARNING: Spoilers will not be marked. This is a huge theory posting and will feature speculation backed up by details from entries as far as #51. You have been warned.

Entry #51 seems to be suggesting that Alex was working for or with the Operator even during the original production of Marble Hornets. This radically alters our perceptions of the first season, as our thoughts of the production of Marble Hornets were that Alex encountered the Operator and began to grow increasingly paranoid, eventually culminating in his fleeing town and giving Jay the tapes. Three years later, MarbleHornets, the YouTube channel, starts.

With Entry #51, however, we now have some interesting evidence that completely modifies our perception of the first season. Gentlemen, I propose to you this theory. Though it may seem outlandish at first, I assure you there is evidence to support most every claim I make. I will divide the theory - which covers all the events in the series as of writing - into season 1 and season 2.

Season 1:

During the production of Marble Hornets, Alex Kralie encountered the Operator. For reasons and goals as of yet unknown, Alex began working with this supernatural creature by leading unsuspecting cast members into its clutches. Somewhere along the line, however, something happened to Alex that caused him to lose some of his memory. This in turn led to a great deal of horror and remorse for his past actions. At this point, Alex began to try and escape the Operator's clutches, for the creature was not done with Alex. Eventually, Alex decided to leave it all behind, give the tapes to Jay, and leave town.

So, the production of Marble Hornets can be divided into three segments: Alex's first encounters with the Operator, Alex working with the Operator, and Alex fleeing from the Operator. We'll focus on one at a time.

Alex's first encounters with the Operator definitely have to take place within the production of Marble Hornets, as Entry #2 shows us - Alex apparently encounters the Operator here, however he does not recognize or understand the implications of the creature, thinking he is a normal person. Entry #12 presents a similar incident, actually on the set of Marble Hornets even.

At some point during production, Alex's encounters with the Operator lead to some form of communication whereby Alex agrees to work with the Operator. Given how little we know of the Operator's true nature, it is very possible that the Operator may have exerted some supernatural control over Alex - either way, we do have evidence that Alex was working with the Operator.

These are in the form of Entry #22 and Entry #51. Entry #22 shows Alex and Seth exploring the building that would eventually come to lovingly be called the Basement of Doom, and Seth getting - presumably - kidnapped by the Operator. Entry #51 shows Alex and Brian exploring a burned down hospital, and Brian getting kidnapped by the Operator; later, Tim is also shown in the building, implying a similar event happened with Alex and Tim. Both of these instances show Alex going off on a mission with just one of the Marble Hornets cast members, before the Operator shows up. He is essentially leading the cast members into a Slendertrap. Further, these two entries come from tapes from the original Marble Hornets production that Alex did NOT give to Jay - tapes he deliberately hid from Jay. With this in mind, it seems quite clear that Alex is aware of his actions and their malicious intent by aiding the Operator - otherwise, why try to hide them?

But the ending of Entry #22 presents an interesting development: Alex has forgotten the events of that night, and appears distraught. Whatever made him forget those events also appears to have made him fully understand the gravity of his actions. He talks about people being "gone" and is obviously very sad - but it isn't fear or sadness that motivates him as much as remorse for his actions.

From that point on, Alex begins to try and run from the Operator. The majority of the tapes we see in season 1 are from this phase. Entry #1, Entry #4 and Entry #10 all present situations where Alex appears to be running from the Operator. What's more, they are all significant in that there is no audio in them.

Why is the lack of audio significant? Well, look at our other Operator encounters. In very, very few of them does he appear unaccompanied with auditory distortion - Entry #5 is particularly notorious in this (granted there are no confirmed or blatant Operator sightings, but the implication is his presence). Why then would the Operator's presence in these three entries result in no sound at all?

Well Jay gives us the answer - it is possible it was removed later. The implication is of course that they were removed by Alex, and indeed that is the only viable solution. Why, then, would Alex remove them? Perhaps for the same reason he hides tapes? It is not too much of a stretch to imagine Alex shouting something along the lines of "LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M DONE WITH YOU" or something to that effect as the Operator continues to stalk him. And that is why Alex removed the audio - he did not want to be heard saying those things because, like the hidden tapes, they are incriminating.

So Alex eventually decides to stop recording himself and skip town, hoping the Operator will leave him alone. He gives Jay the tapes and runs, and it appears that it is successful. Three years later, Jay starts watching the tapes, and eventually beings to conduct his own investigations. Jay does not actually encounter the Operator until Entry #23, but he does encounter a strange masked figure numerous times (later revealed to be Tim). The masked figure, affectionately referred to as Masky by fans, attacks Jay on a few occasions and haunted him in his bedroom several times at night.

This tell us several things. One, that Tim survived whatever horrors Alex and the Operator inflicted upon him. While there is no evidence that Seth or Brian survived as of writing, it is very possible that whatever the Operator does with his victims is something that can be survived or is not something designed to kill them. At any rate, Tim survived. Based on the recent ToTheArk video, Extraction, which features the Masked Man himself, there is a great deal of hatred between ToTheArk (or its members if it is indeed a collective) and Alex. What better reason to hate Alex than having been lured into a trap and taken by the Operator? That's right: I am proposing that Tim is ToTheArk (or at least part of it) and that his ultimate goal in this game is to kill Alex for working with the Operator and leading Tim unsuspectingly into its clutches.

The other thing it tells us is that Tim had no real idea that Alex had left town. In Jay's interview with Tim (Entry #15), he is rather evasive when it comes to questions about the "man in the suit" and Alex, often mentioning Brian instead. This evasiveness can be attributed to a few things, but the thing I like the most is Tim is attempting not to get Jay involved. And of course Jay does anyway, hence Entry #16 and Entry #18. In Entry #18, Tim is waiting for Jay at Brian's house. Given the strange teleporting door craziness that goes on in the same house in Entry #23, this is likely Tim's attempt to prevent Jay from getting further involved (after all, the craziness in Brian's house leads to Jay's first direct interaction with the Operator).

As for Jay, well he was in over his head from the start. The Operator was trying to finish what he and Alex had started, hence the craziness in #23, but without his helper it is difficult to accomplish and his prey seems to get away fairly often. As Jay begins to probe, Tim and the other survivors of the original MH cast - whoever they may be - band together as ToTheArk and begin to post cryptic messages on YouTube to manipulate Jay, to prevent him from getting further involved. Concurrently, they begin to hatch a revenge plot against Alex Kralie.

Season Two:
The missing seven months are the majority of season 2. Though there is a lengthy part of the season dealing with events in the Hotel, until the seven months are finished they lack sufficient context to begin theorizing. As for the missing seven months, however, it all starts with Entry #26. Alex is living with Amy, who finds a camera and grills Alex about it. Then the Operator returns to Alex's life.

The events of the missing seventh month are all set about by one of the member of ToTheArk placing Alex's camera with the Operator tape inside it inside Alex's closet, with the intention of having the Operator do to Alex what he had done to the ToTheArk members. Unfortunately this plan backfired terrifically, as the Operator did not torture/kill/whatever Alex, but rather appears to have taken Amy hostage and is using her to extort Alex. From the moment that Amy was taken, Alex was working with the Operator again. The rest of the seven months is Alex's attempt to finish the work he and the Operator had started back in the production of Marble Hornets so that he can get Amy back and finally be rid of the Operator's influence.

The first action of season two (technically part of season one, but storywise is significant to season two) is Alex sending the tape to Jay. Alex is deliberately bringing Jay into the game, likely to ensure that Jay can be used as a victim for whatever the Operator does. Alex tells Jay that he needs help finding Amy, and that Jay should wait at the hotel until Alex calls him. But Jay is frustrated when Alex does not call him and Alex refuses to tell Jay anything - why? The answer is, again, rather simple - Alex does not need Jay yet.

Since season one, Tim was following Jay. So by bringing Jay into the game, Alex was bringing Tim back into the game as well. In Entry #35, Jay is investigating the abandoned building at the address that Alex sent the tape from. Alex shows up, and both of them are attacked by Tim. Alex breaks Tim's leg, and the two of them escape. Tim is officially back in the game at this point, and is trying to do what their initial plan did not - kill Alex. Unfortunately Alex was quicker and got the better of our masked friend.

So Alex successfully brought Jay and Tim back into the game. Enter Entry #40. Jay waits at Rosswood for Alex, who told Jay to meet him there. Alex does not answer his phone, so Jay decides to take a walk when the Operator shows up. This is quite deliberate. Alex knew that Jay would take a walk, and the Operator was ready for Jay. Unfortunately, Jay apparently can run quickly, and Jay was not successfully captured - his camera was left behind, however. In Entry #42, we see Alex show up and he is very much upset at Jay - but not for being stupid and encountering the Operator; rather, for getting away. Alex is angry that his plan backfired. Notice that he is walking through the woods and then sees Jay running, and is surprised that Jay is there. Not in the woods, mind you, but running out of them. Alex is surprised to see that Jay has escaped, and was going into the woods to meet the Operator who was supposed to have captured Jay (if you take nothing from this theory, take that the Operator is incompetent without Alex helping).

So Jay was supposed to be caught by a trap, but the trap hit a bit of a snag. But let's discuss Entry #41 for a moment, as it introduces a new player: Hoody. Many have said, and probably rightfully so, that Hoody is somehow connected to the original Marble Hornets cast. If this is true, and it likely is, then Hoody is almost certainly a member of TTA AND one of Alex's original Operator victims. In Entry #41, Hoody returns Jay's camera to his car. Hey, this sounds familiar... didn't a TTA member do this earlier? Oh yeah! And what was his goal? To pass the Operator onto Alex as retribution? Oh yeah! So then what could be Hoody's goal in returning Jay's now-100%-more-Operator camera?

Hoody was trying to pass the Operator onto Jay, to rid Alex of his bodyguard. As we see in Entry #45, the TTA crowd is making efforts to kill Alex the old fashioned way. However, what is presumed to be the Operator (per the visual motif of screen tearing) shows up and makes them flee. So by returning Jay's camera, Hoody hopes to pass the Operator onto Jay and thus get rid of Alex's bodyguard, making him easier to kill.

Then comes Entry #43. Here we have Alex telling Jay that he should wait for him back at the Hotel until Alex calls him, and that Jay should not know where Alex lives. Alex is trying to keep Jay "on his side", waiting in the wings until Alex can construct a better Operator trap. Then at the end of the entry, Alex walks into (presumably) Rosswood, and follows a very deliberate path through some underbrush and meets the Operator. Note that while Alex does have a bit of a coughing fit, he does not seem surprised or otherwise unnerved by the Operator's appearance, and gets back up and walks toward him - the partners in evil are going to make future plans, perhaps? At any rate, this seems like a preplanned meeting between the two more than a chance encounter.

Entry #44 seems to suggest that Alex is losing grip on his sanity - the drawings return, he appears to have some Slendersickness side effects, and he sits in strange places. Then the Operator teleports in, and presumably teleports Alex out to some unknown location. This is a somewhat odd occurrence, as we had just seen what appeared to be a preordained meeting between the two. In this case, I think either the Operator had some use for Alex of which the sleeping murderer was unaware, or that the Operator has more sinister plans than Alex dares to think. At any rate, Alex is back in time for Entry #45 (granted it IS three months later, so that isn't surprising) where the Masks (TTA) once again try to commit murder most foul. Unfortunately for them, the Operator shows up and helps out Alex by scaring them off, immediately followed by Alex standing back up and yelling "Get back here! ... The next time I see you I'll kill you!" Now many of us have interpreted that as meaning that Alex now wants to kill them because they tried to kill him; I, however, think this is less a "now you've made me mad" and more of "next time I'll make sure I finish the job" - next time, Alex will make sure that they get whatever hells the Operator has in store for them.

Entry #46 presents another interesting occurrence where Jay breaks into Alex's house. When Alex sees Jay in the house, he is not at all surprised to see Jay, and rather delivers a wonderfully deadpan "Hey Jay... you forgot your flashlight." Alex almost seems to have expected Jay to break into his house. Then the Operator shows up.

This is a bit of a complicated explanation, so bear with me. Alex suspected Jay was going to intrude, hence his lack of surprise. Because he expected this, he and the Operator had a plan of action should it occur. As for how the Operator knew that Jay had broken in, the answer is very simply: Jay's camera. As we have established earlier, cameras that have recorded the Operator seem to have some affinity for the creature - Amy using Alex's "Operated" camera seemed to draw the Operator to Alex's residence. Hence, the Operator know that Jay was in Alex's house because Jay had his camera. Unfortunately whatever plans Alex and the Operator had beyond "prevent Jay from taking anything critical" seemed to fail. Jay runs out with what is later revealed to be Alex's spare house key and gets away.

Immediately after, we get Entry #47. 47 provides us some very important insight into the Alex-Jay dynamic. Alex rails about how Jay's involvement made psychos wearing masks run after him - which, as we have discussed, is something Alex very much desires, as it allows him to far more easily find and dispose of them. Jay responds by railing against Alex for not providing him any information and telling him to wait. This suggests that Alex does not need Jay at all - he simply wants him nearby until such time that he DOES need Jay - and why would he "need" Jay? To dispose of him when the time is right. But at the moment, Jay is proving a perfect "Marble Hornets Cast Member" magnet. After their conversation, we get some information regarding Jessica's involvement - and it appears that it is entirely Jay's fault for getting her involved, as she had believed Alex when she was told that Amy was fine.

Entry #48 and Entry #49 should really be looked at as a single entry, as Entry #48 is mostly build up to the major events of #49. What #49 shows us is the apex of Alex's insanity - he murders a man in a white shirt, affectionately known as Bruce, for no reason. Later, the Operator shows up and then teleports away, the body leaving with him. This is further proof for some of my previous conjecture, that the Operator needs corpses, needs dead people - for what purpose I cannot yet say - and Alex is providing them for him. Alex knew Jay was following him, and likely thought that Bruce WAS Jay - there was not a moment's hesitation before Alex charged and killed the poor man. At any rate - these entries show that Alex is killing people for the Operator's benefit.

Entry #50 gives us a missing piece to the puzzle, by giving context to Entry #38 (which I have not yet discussed, but it is reproduced in Entry #50, and doesn't function outside of Entry #50's context, so I won't discuss it separately). In this entry, Alex leads Jay into the woods (knowingly and by invitation this time), tells him a spooky story about criminals and trees, and then Jay leaves because it is getting dark. Alex elects to stay back, which is a little creepy. On the way back, Jay is distracted by Tim, who leads him to the affectionately named (we have affectionate names for a lot of things) Tunnel of Doom.

This gives us a lot of food for thought, but the most important details are that Alex leads Jay, alone, into a secluded area of the woods with a very menacing and angry attitude - irritation that the man he murdered was not Jay. The plan here is rather apparent given the tone - Alex plans to "dispose" of Jay at long last. But, he has second thoughts after Jay packs up and prepares to leave, telling Jay to bring Jessica back the next day - eliminate both (Jessica because Jay had swept her up into things) in one fell swoop. Then Tim arrives, trying to show Jay "this is what Alex did bro, look out", unaware that the arrival of the Operator precipitated the vanishing of the evidence. Jay is shaken, and returns to his car, calling Jessica and preparing to return the next day.

Then there is more! Jay breaks into Alex's house again, because that works so well, and steals a tape labeled 56-42. This tape is Entry #51, which was discussed above and is the inception of this entire theory.

The most recent entry, Entry #52, provides some solidifying evidence to this theory. As expected, Alex leads Jay and Jessica into the middle of nowhere, then turns a gun on Jay. Before he fires, Tim creeps up behind him, and becomes a Big Damn Hero, shoving Alex into the wall and allowing Jay and Jessica to escape. As they run from the building, Jay and Jessica hear a gunshot. They quickly go to the hotel - Jay stealing the cameras from Alex's car in the process - and check into adjacent rooms. That night, Jay hears Jessica screaming, and then the Operator shows up in his hotel room. Jay tackles him, some crazy stuff goes down, and he wakes up in the morning having forgotten the past seven months. Jay then provides us a present day update, telling us that he saw Tim in town yesterday, functioning as a normal, non-stalking-Masked-figure member of society.

This is huge. The fired gunshot is definitely not Tim, as we see him alive later - indicating that it is almost certainly Alex who got shot. Alex died from that gunshot wound, be it slowly or immediately, he died, and Tim knows it. TTA succeeded in their quest to kill Alex Kralie, so that later Tim can finally put everything behind him, knowing that the man who caused him so much torment was finally dead.

This entry also brings us back to the beginning of Season 2, with the hotel entries. There is not a lot of note in the Hotel Entries - the major points have been covered, but the three important things to discuss are Entry #29, Entry #33, and enntry 37.

We'll start with Entry #33. In this entry, as Jay and Jessica plan to leave the hotel, Jay finds Jessica is missing, and that a note with the safe combination has been left on her bed. He opens his safe to find the rest of the season's worth of tapes from the missing seven months. Right after that, Tim attacks. Now, as we saw and derived from Entry #52, Tim is done - he killed Alex, his goal has been accomplished. Why, then, does he attack here? Simple - Jay has evidence that Tim killed Alex. Tim, for obvious reasons, does not want that evidence to get out, so he attacks Jay in an effort to get the tapes from him. Now, Tim obviously failed - so why would he stop? He didn't stop. He changed tactics. After #33, at the time a present day entry, TTA began making video responses to Jay's videos. ONLY AFTER Tim had failed to steal the tapes from Jay. This is far too strong to be a coincidence - Tim fails, TTA begins posting responses to dissuade Jay.

Entry #29 and enntry 37 are things that I need to address, but am at a loss to find explanations for. I know people are citing enntry 37 as evidence that the Operator stalked Alex from birth, but I find it far more likely that it is just TTA or another nefarious party being creepy to dissuade both Jay and us from watching the videos - the footage of the Operator could easily be overlaid on the clip of Alex's birthday party with editing software (obviously, because they did it OOG). As for Entry #29, I can't find a perfect place to put this, and I don't think that anyone has done that yet, BUT, I do have a tentative fit that I rather like.

After Entry #26, Alex is drawn to Rosswood Park by the Operator, and this is what we see in Entry #29. Alex is recording it, and this is his first encounter with the Tunnel of Doom, and he meets the Operator there. Whether or not there is some connection to this tunnel, or if they just decided this would be their base of operations, I cannot say, but I believe that Entry #29 is Alex first encountering it. The fresh blood on the ground is likely a recent kill that the Operator made if important at all. There still exists the possibility that Entry #29 was supposed to be connected to Entry #49, but continuity has made it difficult to reconcile the two events.

This is my theory. I hope you find it thought-provoking, and please share any and all criticisms or holes you see so that we may strengthen the theory with evidence.